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Remembering his own sparse youth, local artist wants to help clothe today's kids

  • This image is one example of some of Bourland's work and was created especially for Friday's art show and benefit for Clothes for SI Kids.

    This image is one example of some of Bourland's work and was created especially for Friday's art show and benefit for Clothes for SI Kids.
    Courtesy of Jim Bourland

By Travis Deneal
updated: 11/29/2017 9:12 AM

MARION -- Marion photographer and artist Jim Bourland will have some of his work featured at a fundraiser Friday to raise money to clothe area children.

Jim Bourland said he's dabbled in artwork his whole life, and about five years ago picked up photography. He became a professional photographer about three years ago.

When he met members of the Fowler-Bonan Foundation, which raises money for its "Clothes for SI Kids" initiative at an event recently, he said he was moved to find a way to help.

Bourland said when he was growing up, money was tight.

"Clothes were a big thing, and that was a huge memory for me. I grew up wearing hand-me-down clothes, with the knees patched over and over. I remember an incident going into junior high, and Mom couldn't afford many clothes," he said.

"I chose to work and buy nice clothes. I worked a lot for something so simple as clothes, but unfortunately I worked too much. I devoted too much time to working as a youth instead of giving more time to education. If I can help kids by doing something to take away that stress and keep them from being made fun of, I want to."

Bourland will have 20 photographs framed, matted and on display for sale at the Clothes for SI Kids Holiday Art Show and Benefit from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday at the Pavilion in Marion. He also will have numerous limited edition prints matted and available for purchase, according to Bonan-Fowler Foundation Executive Director Kerry Camp.

The art show and benefit, sponsored by Peoples National Bank, promises to be enjoyable, Camp said.

"Every penny of the proceeds is going to the foundation," Camp said.

Bourland said this is the first time he's made his art available for a benefit.

"The basic premise is being able to give people the chance to get a Christmas gift for someone they love, and help somebody at the same time," he said. "The quality is going to be impeccable. It'll be a good show."

Camp said Friday's art show will have a cash bar and h'ors doeuvres. For those unable to attend Friday, Bourland's work will be in the Pavilion through December.

"If someone can't go this Friday, they can always drop back by," Camp said.

Meanwhile, Bourland said being able to contribute to a worthy cause is its own reward.

"I've lived in various parts of the country and and I've done well," he said. "This is part of me giving back."

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