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Randolph County clerk will retire after this term

  • Pat Laramore

    Pat Laramore

Staff report
updated: 7/25/2017 4:11 PM

Randolph County Clerk and Recorder Pat Laramore will not run for a fifth term in November 2018, she has announced.

"It is that time in my life to start thinking about retirement," she wrote in a statement released Tuesday.

"With that in mind I would like to announce that I will not be running again for Randolph County Clerk/Recorder.

"I have been elected (to) four terms and faced a lot of changes. We left 'hanging chads' behind and took on the challenge of electronic voting. We have added e-recording, the ability to recorder documents online; Honors Rewards (the veterans discount program); Property Fraud Alert, protecting all your recordings in Randolph County; and secured all Military DD214 documents from public search.

"I have met some wonderful people in Randolph County and enjoyed serving each and everyone of you. I hope I lived up to the motto, 'You are always welcome in the County Clerk's office.'

"Thank you for your trust in me. Randolph County is a great county!"

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