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Murphysboro City clerk resigns, effective Jan. 31

  • Joyce Cottonaro

    Joyce Cottonaro
    Chanda Green photo

By Chanda Green
Contributing Writer
updated: 12/22/2017 4:18 PM

Joyce Cottonaro, Murphysboro city clerk, announced to the council at Tuesday night's meeting that she would be resigning as city clerk, effective Jan. 31.

"I'm moving outside of the city limits and therefore cannot serve as city clerk," she said. "I like all of you guys and I love all of this."

"You're getting married, too, aren't you," asked Alderman Gary McComb.

"Yes," Cottonaro said to a round of good-natured laughter. "I am getting married, but I have no date set yet. I have to get out of town first, get all of that stuff out of my house and get moved before I can consider marriage!"

Mayor Will Stephens thanked Cottonaro for "all you do for the city," and promised to "plan something very embarrassing and worthy of your service to the city."

The Murphysboro city clerk is in charge of all records and papers of the city, including all city council business. The clerk issues all notices, pays all city bills, receives all fees paid for various classes of licenses issued by the city, and has charge of building permits for new construction.

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