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Carbondale man sentenced after 2017 shooting

  • Rahsaan D. Graham Jr.

    Rahsaan D. Graham Jr.

Carbondale Times
updated: 1/18/2019 2:22 PM

A Carbondale man was sentenced last week to 18 years in prison for aggravated discharge of a firearm and unlawful use of weapons by a felon.

Rahsaan D. Graham Jr., 22, was found guilty last year by a Jackson County jury.

According to State's Attorney Mike Carr, on June 10, 2017, at approximately 11:13 a.m., officers from the Carbondale Police Department were dispatched to the area of East James and Thelma Walker Street and North Robert A. Stalls Avenue in response to reports of multiple shots fired. As officers responded to that area, they were alerted that a vehicle with what appeared to be several gunshots was located at West Oak Street and North Irvin Street, and that a male had entered the emergency room at Memorial Hospital of Carbondale with gunshot wounds.

Officers responded to the scene of the initial report of shots fired to determine if there were any injured parties and to process the scene for potential evidence. Officers collected broken glass from a vehicle, five spent .40 caliber shell casings, one spent shell casing, and bullet fragments in the area and driveway of 401 N. Robert A. Stalls Ave.

Another officer located the reported vehicle stopped of West Oak and North Irvin streets and observed a shattered rear passenger window, a flat tire on the rear passenger side, and bullet strikes on the trunk and rear passenger bumper. A female who was standing by the vehicle identified herself as the owner of the car. She reported that at approximately 11 a.m., she drove her two cousins to a convenience store in Carbondale. They departed the store with the reporting witness driving, a male cousin in the front passenger seat, and the female cousin in the rear passenger seat. She proceeded to drive down James and Thelma Walker Avenue when she realized that she was being followed by a red car. As she approached the intersection of North Robert A. Stalls Avenue, she heard five gunshots. She turned and saw Rahsaan Graham holding a handgun and firing at her vehicle. She heard her car window breaking and drove away quickly from the area. She noticed that her male cousin had been shot, so she drove to the hospital and then called the police. The male cousin was not cooperative with the investigation.

During the trial, the reporting witness testified that during the time leading up to the jury trial, she was approached several times by the defendant, who made threatening gestures with a handgun and also offered her money to leave the area during the trial. She told the jury that during the previous weekend, the defendant fired shots at her vehicle while she was in downtown Carbondale near the Amtrak Station, causing her to have a collision as she attempted to flee from the area.

The Carbondale Police Department conducted the investigation in this case.

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