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Five questions with ... Krista Magnum of Marion

  • Krista Magnum

    Krista Magnum
    Kristin Moore photo

By Kristin Moore
Contributing writer
updated: 1/20/2018 12:50 PM

Q. Did you get to do everything you wanted over the holiday break?

Magnum: I was able to see my loved ones and spend quality time with them. That's all I could have wanted.

Q. Would you rather lose your cellphone and all your contacts that go with it or $200 in cash?

Magnum: I would rather lose $200 cash than lose my cellphone. I've had the same number for 15 years and to be honest, it's my lifeline. I wouldn't know many numbers by memory, not including all of my pictures and other data saved.

Q. Did you make a New Year's resolution?

Magnum: My resolution is to continue to improve in my life. To continue to become a better person and live a healthier life.

Q. Is there something special you plan to do or place to go in the new year?

Magnum: Yes, I will be going to New York with my job. It's been one of my dreams to go and I finally get to.

Q. While it's true that children today are much more technologically savvy than their parents and grandparents, what down side, if any, do you see to that?

Magnum: That they are not educated on survival skills. I feel a lot of kids these days are smarter with computers but may not ever learn how to build something with their hands.

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