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Wildcats fall to O'Fallon in home opener

  • Tyson Stoecklin attempts a bicycle kick Monday night.

    Tyson Stoecklin attempts a bicycle kick Monday night.
    Justin Walker photo

  • Camden Dodds

    Camden Dodds
    Justin Walker photo

  • Braden Dalton

    Braden Dalton
    Justin Walker photo

  • Drew Garrett

    Drew Garrett
    Justin Walker photo

  • Justin Walker photo

  • Patrick Murphy

    Patrick Murphy
    Justin Walker photo

  • Tyson Stoecklin

    Tyson Stoecklin
    Justin Walker photo

By Justin Walker
updated: 9/17/2018 9:28 PM

MARION -- The Marion High School boys soccer team finally got to play a home match Monday night but suffered a 2-0 loss to an athletic O'Fallon squad at Wildcat Stadium.

Marion's record dipped to 2-5-2 with the loss, which came after a loss at Jackson, Mo., on Saturday and tying with Anna-Jonesboro last week. The home opener was scheduled for last Thursday against Althoff but was postponed due to weather.

O'Fallon's Jordan Ellis scored the first goal Monday with 18:50 left in the first half, slipping a shot just past Marion keeper Camden Dodds.

Five minutes later, the Panthers doubled their lead on a goal by Vishal Jacob.

Marion had just three shots on goal in the match, two of them in the first half.

Tyson Stoecklin made the home crowd erupt late in the second half with a bicycle kick. The shot attempt hit a player instead of resulting in a goal but was still spectacular.

The Wildcats play again at home Thursday night. The opponent was originally Anna-Jonesboro but will now be Althoff to make up the previous postponement.

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