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DeSoto man charged with first-degree murder, concealment

  • James M. Deese

    James M. Deese

Weekend Times
updated: 3/30/2018 4:36 PM

A DeSoto man faces a preliminary hearing this week on charges that he strangled an elderly Jackson County man last fall and then attempted to hide the body.
James M. Deese, 52, is due in Jackson County court Wednesday to face a three-count indictment filed against him last week.
In the indictment filed March 23, Jackson County State's Attorney Mike Carr alleges that Deese killed Frank Stonemark, 76, of DeSoto Oct. 29, 2017, by strangling and choking him.
Deese is charged in a second count with concealing Stonemark's death. He is also charged in a third count with moving the body from the place of death with intent to conceal information regarding the place and manner of the death.
If convicted of first-degree murder, Deese faces 20 to 60 years in prison. Concealment of a homicidal death is a class three felony that carries a potential sentence of two to five years in prison. Concealment of a death is a class 4 felony that carries a potential sentence of one to three years in prison.
Deese is currently in custody on $1 million bond.

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