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RLC culinary showcase puts global spin on American dishes

RLC Public Information
updated: 3/21/2019 10:21 AM

An extensive menu has been announced for the upcoming Rend Lake College Culinary Arts Showcase, the annual student-run restaurant that has met with rave reviews. The theme of the menu is "Modern American with Global Flair," an attempt to look at traditional dishes and ingredients in a new and experimental light.

The Culinary Arts Showcase is an event that resembles a fine dining restaurant run by RLC culinary arts students enrolled in the restaurant management course. Using the bi-level kitchen and dining area in the Student Center on the Ina campus, students work in a variety of roles, ranging from executive chef, sous chef, server, runner, Maitre D' and many more to get hands-on experience in all aspects of the restaurant business.

The showcase is taking reservations now for 5, 5:30, 6 and 6:30 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays between March 21 and May 10, with the exception of Good Friday, March 30.

Guests can begin making reservations now for up to six diners for dates two weeks in advance of the date they wish to attend. In addition to this pre-registration, guests will also be required to pre-pay for their reservation at $25 per ticket.

To do so, contact or visit RLC's Community and Corporate Education Division at 618-437-5321 ext. 1714. Their office is located upstairs in the Student Center, Ina campus.

Guests will have a choice of:


Charcuterie board: Italian capicolla ham and smoked salmon served with pickled pineapple, heritage cheese from Marcoot Jersey creamery, honey-dill mustard and crostini

Seafood croquettes: Tender cod croquettes, breaded and fried until golden brown, served with a Vietnamese Banh Mi Aioli sauce and garnished with lemon zest

Fried green tomatoes: Creole-seasoned green tomatoes, panko-crusted and deep fried to a golden brown. Served with a tangy remoulade sauce

Soup or salad

House specialty soup -- Matzo Ball Soup: Three light and airy seasoned matzo balls served in a rich broth fortified with chicken and vegetables

Soup du jour: See the server for the soup of the day.

Salads made fresh daily

House salad -- grilled caesar: Grilled romaine, red bell peppers, red onions, parmesan cheese and croutons topped with caesar dressing

Special salad -- beet and goat cheese: Earthy beets served four ways, accented by fresh arugula, tangy goat cheese and a bright citrus vinaigrette, garnished with toasted pistachios (ranch dressing or vinegar and oil available upon request)


Meat and poultry

Korean kalbi BBQ lamb chops: Grilled marinated lamb center cut chops, served on a bed of fresh rainbow chard and paired with a sweet Caribbean rice pilaf with toasted coconut flakes

Jamaican jerk Cornish hen: Grilled Cornish hen with a Jamaican jerk marinade that has the perfect balance of heat, sweet and savory, served with a fresh mango salsa, deep-fried brussels sprouts topped with crunchy bacon, and crispy sweet potato tostones

Seafood, vegetarian and pasta

Asian sesame-panko crusted tuna: Pan-seared yellowfin tuna cooked to perfect medium on a bed of udon noodles surrounded by Asian sautéed vegetables in a Japanese broth

American ratatouille: Vegetable medley flash fried to a golden-brown, served with a tomato piperade sauce and garnished with shredded gruyere cheese and parsley

Brazilian alfredo: Fresh made pasta tossed in creamy garlic alfredo sauce, served with marinated hanger steak and garnished with fresh parmesan cheese and chimichurri sauce


See the server for available desserts.

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