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Franklin County land transfers

updated: 7/10/2020 11:05 AM

The following land transfers were filed June 29 to July 2, 2020, in Franklin County.

• Seller, Robert Leon McClerren; buyers, Andrew Sniderwin, Heidi Sniderwin; Deed; Launius 1st Add being PT SW/4 NW/4 19-6-4 Lots 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5; PT SW/4 NW/4 19-6-4

• Seller, Wayna J. Bernhard; buyer, Ian L. Mitchell; Deed; Horn Diamond & Parkhill's 1st Add West Frankfort Lots 1 & 2 Blk 26.

• Sellers, Doug Owens, Steven M. Owens; buyers, Jason C. Hanson, Sallie R. Hanson; Deed; Kirkpatrick & Dimond's Add Benton Lot 18 Blk 21.

• Sellers, Marla Magnusson, Dennis Mandrell, Marla Mandrell; buyer, David E. Willias; Deed; E Fitzgerrell's 1st Add Sesser Lots PT 2, 3, & 4 Blk 8.

• Seller, Jessica Whitlow; buyer, Krashawn Knight; Deed; Fairview Add Benton PT Lots 4 & 5 Blk 3; Subd of Lots 4 & 5 Blk 3 in Fairview Add Benton Lot 1 Blk 3.

• Sellers, Heather Leigh Buntin, Steven Wayne Buntin; buyers, Chad b=Brisson, Christian Brisson; Deed; PT SW/4 NE/4 18-6-3.

• Seller, Roger D. Chance; buyers, Marcus Chance, Donald Rumsey, Heather Walker; Deed; Dering Coal Co's Add West Frankfort Lot 6 Blk 4.

• Sellers, Laura Jung, Serena Taylor; buyer, Dylan M. Johnson; Deed; Jesse Dimond & Co's 1st Add Christopher Lots 2 & 3 Blk 18.

• Seller, Katherine Bennett; buyer, David Allen Andrews; Deed; PT SE/4 SE/4 3-6-1.

• Seller, Sara Standridge; buyers, 21390 Division Land Trust, Jordan Funk -- trustee; Deed; Orignal Plat of Thompsonville Lots PT 2 & 3 Blk 4.

• Sellers, Palma S. Dorris -- trustee, Palma S. Dorris -- revocable trust; buyers, Brian N. Dorris -- revocable trust, Brian N. Dorris -- trustee; Deed; PT SE/4 SE/4; PT SE/4 SE/4 PT NE/4 SE/4 14-5-1.

• Sellers, Angel Marie Prusaczyk, Tateon Grey Prusaczyk; buyer, Lois Ilene Baugh; Deed; Peter Wastier's 2nd Add West Frankfort Lot 8 Blk 4.

• Seller, State Bank of Whittington; buyers, Ashley Qualls, Joshua Qualls; Deed; Enoch N Rea's Add Sesser Lots 7, 8 & 9 Blk 9.

• Seller, Samantha Ann Kimble; buyer, Justin Dean Mandrell; Deed; R L Hayes Add Benton Lots 8 & PT 9 Blk 6.

• Sellers, Charles E. Casey, Suzanne M. Casey; buyers, Mark Rehbock, Tammy Rehbock; Deed; Twin Oaks Subd 5-6-3 Lot 24.

• Sellers, Teresa Lynne Crowell -- independent executor, estate of Robert D. Harper; buyer, Teresa Lynne Crowell; Deed; PT SW/4 SE/4 7 PT NW/4 SE/4 9-7-4.

• Sellers, James Steven Lampley, Jill A. Lampley; buyers, Mackenzie Martin, Mallory Martin; Deed; PT SW/4 SE/4 14-6-2.

• Seller, Amy D. Mullins; buyers, Amy D. Mullins, Jeffrey H. Mullins; Deed; PT NE/4 NE/ 23-7-3.

• Seller, Amy D. Mullins; buyers, Amy D. Mullins, Jeffrey H. Mullins; Deed; PT SE/4 SE/4 14-7-3.

• Sellers, Jan Douglas Uhls, Linda Katherine Uhls; buyer, Austin Bailey; Deed; Horn Dimond & Parkhill's 1st Add West Frankfort Lot 9 Blk 26.

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