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Letters: Readers weigh in on primaries in the 115th and 118th districts

updated: 3/14/2018 6:38 PM

Shame on the District 115 candidates for shunning forum
To the editor: Last night (March 6), I attended the candidate forum for State Representative, District 115 sponsored by the Rainbow Café and Equality Illinois. To say that I was disappointed is an understatement.
While all four candidates were invited to participate and meet with constituents, Tamiko Mueller was the only candidate who accepted. Unfortunately, she was unable to attend due to a death in the family. Paul Jacobs declined the invitation, and Terri Bryant and Marsha Griffin didn't even bother to respond. One can't help but think that because the forum was sponsored by a minority group representing LGBTQIA residents of southern Illinois, these candidates chose to marginalize these voters as unimportant and evidently having nothing worth hearing.
I could certainly go on about homophobia, but there is something even more profound about their absence. As elected representatives/candidates, it was my assumption that they sought to represent all of their constituents and not just the ones that are palatable or, worse yet, agree with them. While they may not support the LGBTQIA youth that are the Rainbow Café, these young people were reaching out to learn about our democracy and prepare themselves as future voters. They may not be able to vote in our upcoming primary and November election, but their parents, family and friends certainly do, and I hope they remember this insult when they go to the polls March 20 and Nov. 6. 
Paulette Curkin

Windhorst the best choice in 118th race
To the editor: On March 20, conservatives across southern Illinois have an important decision to make. Who will we have represent us in the upcoming 118th State Representative race? For me, the choice is clear. Patrick Windhorst is the best man for the job.
As one of three Massac County commissioners, I routinely witness the ways in which Patrick's integrity and professionalism contribute to the betterment of our county. As our state's attorney, he has worked tirelessly to make our communities safer, our local leaders more informed and our government more efficient.
When I bring a concern to Patrick's attention, he listens. He makes sure that I'm understood, then does all that he can to find a solution. I have seen him treat people with the same respect throughout his campaign, and I know that he will continue to do so as our state representative.
Patrick will fight for our conservative values. He is pro-life, and a staunch defender of the Second Amendment.
He will work hard to reduce the tax burden placed on southern Illinoisan families, and to end an era of political corruption that allows the same people to hold power for decades at a time.
You would be doing yourself and southern Illinois a great disservice by not voting for Patrick Windhorst on March 20. He is the tested conservative choice that will beat Natalie Phelps Finnie and get our region back on track.
Jayson Farmer
Massac County Commissioner

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