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Our view: We've got a lot of vaccine here in SI. Let's use it

updated: 3/31/2021 12:10 PM

Consider how lucky we are.

Other parts of the state are having feeding frenzies, as people try to get themselves or their elderly relations appointments to get vaccinated. There isn't enough vaccine to cover everybody who wants one.

Here, though, there are appointments that are going unfilled. Look at the appointment calendar for the two mass vaccination sites in Carbondale -- at the Civic Center and the Banterra Center -- at It's frightening how many empty appointments there are. The state has given Carbondale enough vaccine to administer nearly 1,100 doses a day between the two sites. If you aren't comfortable with computers, call them at (618) 684-3143.

Meanwhile, we know a guy and his wife who drove to Murphysboro three weeks ago from (*checks map*) Sleepy Hollow, Illinois to get shots. Yes, that is a real place, and they'll be back soon for their follow-up shots.

Get vaccinated. It's easy and it can save your life. It can save the life of someone close to you. If you cannot get vaccinated in your home county, go to Carbondale. It's not far, and the Illinois National Guard personnel helping to run the clinics are friendly and professional.

Yes, COVID-19 cases have gone way down and we're all anticipating the "bridge" phase that Gov., Pritzker promised us if the numbers continue to fall. For two weeks, however, hospitalizations and case positivity rates are trending in the wrong direction. The COVID-19 case positivity rate was 3.3% on Monday, having risen for the fourth straight day. It marked a 50% increase since March 14.

Clearly, we're not out of the woods. If politics are stopping you, consider this: Former President Trump and his wife Melania were vaccinated.

Mitch McConnell is now speaking up, asking all Republican men to get vaccinated. He is targeting this group because he knows there is a lot of reluctance within it.

Get vaccinated. You and your family are worth it.

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