2.26% average pay hike for teachers in Du Quoin Dist. 300

The Du Quoin Board of Education Wednesday ratified a new three-year contract with teachers in Du Quoin Community Unit District 300.

According to Superintendent Dr. Gary Kelly it will be an agreement covering the 2013-2014, 2014-2015, and 2015-2016 school years. "In regard to economic items the certified contract calls for an increase to each cell on the salary schedule of $40 in year one, $25 in year two and $20 in year three. As an overall percentage increase for the certified staff it would be 2.5% in year one, 2.2% in year two, and 2.1% in year three."

That averages 2.26% over three years.

"For the non-certified support staff their hourly wage would increase 60 cents in year one, 45 cents in year two, and 40 cents in year three," he said

In regard to the high school mathematics teaching position being vacated by teacher and basketball coach Gabe Sveda, the board employed Jo C. Dill. Ms. Dill currently teaches at Raymond Lincolnwood High School which is just south of Springfield. She has 13 years teaching experience and lived in Southern Illinois previously and wants to relocate back to this area.