Memorial Hospital Employee of the Quarter

Memorial Hospital CEO Brett Bollmann recently named Jeanice Brandes of Chester Employee of the Quarter for the first quarter 2022. Brandes has worked at Memorial Hospital since October of 2020 as a cook in the Dietary Department.

When asked what she likes most about working at Memorial Hospital, Brandes replied, "I feel appreciated. It has also been nice to find co-workers who are good at going with the ebb and flow of the ever-changing department."

Her co-workers who nominated her wrote, "Jeanice has a knack for thinking outside the box when needed. She strengthens our team with her leadership and openly communicates well with all co-workers. Her willingness to listen to others and patience when training is highly appreciated. She can always be counted on to be on time, a team player and to help others in any way needed. She portrays exemplary behavior in all aspects of work and always goes above and beyond in her efforts to organize and make processes more efficient and clean. She is willing to help any co-worker when asked and is always professional and courteous when training new employees. Always friendly, kind and a strong leader."

Brandes lives in Chester, and has a son, daughter-in-law and grandson. In her free time she enjoys going on motorcycle rides, doing home improvement projects, crafting, and - most of all - playing with her grandson.

Each quarter employees are encouraged to submit "star cards" for co-workers who go above and beyond in their patient care or team work. Four random cards were drawn, Tara Wittenborn, Housekeeper; Jerina Reese, RN; Austyn Phillips, Craftsman/Maintenance Tech.; and Amanda Johnson, RHC Lead Care Coordinator, were the winners of a monetary award for their star nominations.