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Seeking Harrisburg-area descendants of Stephen D. Golden

updated: 8/15/2021 12:56 PM

To the editor: I am hoping to make contact with family members from a Stephen D. Golden (1860-1913) who died in Harrisburg.

He had married Lucy Cain (1869-1929) and they were the parents of nine children: Harry Golden (d. 1927), Mable (d. 1911 Mitchellsville), Irene Ford (d. 1982), Hazel Faught (d. 1926), John C. Golden (d. 1953 Indianapolis, IN), Pansy (d. 1906), Virgil (d. 1986 Vandalia), Sibyl (d. 1968 Paducah, KY), Stephen Jr. (d. 1982). Except where noted ... all died in Harrisburg.

I would be most interested in contacting relatives in this family in the hopes to find pictures of Stephen and Lucy Golden and their children. I have discovered much background information on Stephen and his siblings who were orphaned at the death of their parents at a young age.

Please contact: Rollin Golden, 2232 Pyramid Way, Sacramento CA 95821 (, (916) 920-1139.

Rollin Golden

Sacramento, California

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