Letters to the editor

Dorsey's interim salary is obscene

To the editor: The salary being paid to Mr. Dorsey is obscene! It is an insult to the people of southern Illinois. I don't know who makes such decisions. One could hope that when someone is hired, they could be hired in at a lower salary, then that amount increased based upon performance.

Probably, Mr. Dorsey is already collecting a pension at the behest of the long suffering taxpayers. How much is enough?

It was the same with Mr. Dunn. He was paid a huge salary, but failed to deliver. The problem with falling enrollment, along with other difficulties, continues. It appears that Mr. Dorsey envisions his job as "meet and greet," perhaps hoping that this will fix the gaping hole at SIU.

Again, I object to the monstrous salary for Mr. Dorsey!

Patricia Broemmel


Southern Illinois: Vote no on Mike Bost

To the editor: Last week Vice President Mike Pence attended a fundraiser for our congressman, Mike Bost. For all those who faithfully vote for Mr. Bost and think he is incredible, let me tell you how incredible and harmful he really is.

His voting record for the year 2017 garnered him a score of ZERO from the Alliance for Retired Americans.

Among the 10 bills he voted "yes" to were:

Repealing the Affordable Care Act

Give tax cuts to corporations and the wealthiest Americans, forcing cuts to Medicare and leading to 13 million citizens becoming uninsured.

Ending medical deductions which usually benefit middle-income people.

How could anyone who cares about people, their well-being and the common good vote for someone with such an appalling and disturbing voting record?

I can only hope they didn't know. Now they do, and surely southern Illinois will be wiser this November and vote no to Mike Bost.

Elsie Speck