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Letters to the editor: Not getting the vaccine is plain stupid

updated: 9/22/2021 2:49 PM

To the editor: I have been biting my tongue but I can't any longer. I must write about COVID. I am an old retired guy but the Carbondale community and Memorial Hospital mean a great deal to me.

A doctor once told me as you age you become unfiltered but with me no one will ever know because I have always been unfiltered. I am sure my comments will offend some and for that I am sorry. There is no reason for us to be having a COVID problem. As a member of society we have a responsibility to our fellow man. We must protect each other. When you refuse to be vaccinated you are a threat to society, small children and medically compromised adults. You are a selfish threat.

I'm so glad Memorial Hospital is requiring all staff to be vaccinated. A hospital has a moral responsibility to protect its patients. If an employee does not understand that they do not belong in health care. SIU totally lacked leaderhship in not requiring the shots until the state ordered it. Not just to protect students and staff but the Carbondale community. All is positions of leadership should have done this months ago.

The selfishness of those not getting the shot threatens all of us. If Memorial Hospital is full of COVID patients where will you go if you have a crisis? The inn is full. These people just don't care about their fellow man. The science/medicine is there, the vaccine is safe and effective. As a member of society you give up certain rights for the betterment of mankind. In closing I state the following after much thought: If you don't get the vaccine you are plain stupid. Don't get it for yourself, get it for others like the little girl you pass in Walmart.

George Maroney

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